Our story

Terres du Gaugalin, in the Rhone Valley

The vineyard is managed by us two, Angela and Maxime. 

Everything started when we both went back to university to study winemaking and agroecology. After various field experiences and internships, we found three hectares of beautiful old vines in the Gard region (South of Rhone valley, France) and decided to settle there in 2018 to create Terres du Gaugalin.

Considering the soil as a living being, we started conducting the vineyard organically. Once we discovered natural wine, we could not imagine making wine another way. Three wines came out of our work: Grande Rando, a maceration of red, Déferlante a light red and Clair Obscur, a petnat of Clairette.

Les Raisins Suspendus, in the Hautes-Alpes region

But our story made a shift in 2020 when we decided to move to the Alps in the Haute-Alpes region of France specifically to make wine. We had lived together in the mountains of the Yukon in Canada and then back in the Gard in France, thus we greatly missed this wild environment. Added to the fact that we find the climate and the geology of this region very interesting and well suited to make the type of wine we like, it motivated us to start once again a new adventure. At the same time, the location and the old abandoned vines we found increased our interest for the area even more. The vines that we are managing are planted between 800m and 1000m of altitude above the Durance river. 

This is how Les Raisins Suspendus vineyard was born.

This first year entailed a great deal of manual work to restore the abandoned vines without any machinery, except for the draft horse work. We experienced the weather, the grapes maturity, the soil behavior and finally the juice and wine taste first hand. The first wines are waiting to be bottled and we will be pleased to release them soon.

The future

Our project for next year is to keep restoring the vineyard and to plant a regional grape called Mollard (meaning Petite montagne) and several alpine grapes such as Mondeuse blanche and Persan.

In the meantime, we are still managing Terres du Gaugalin in the Gard region, as there is a one-month difference in the culture of the vines that allows us to take care of both vineyards in a coordinated manner. 

The available wines can be bought on our website under the Nos vins page.

Please do not hesitate to write us. We would love to hear from you with any comments, questions or feedback you might have which will definitely contribute to the improvement of our wines.